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The Chocolate MDX

What do you think of when you hear SUV? Soccer mom and family transport comes to mind. One day while scrolling through social media and I saw this MDX.

I reached out to the owner and we set up a shoot. I can say one thing, you will not see a SUV like this. The paint color and wheel combination caught my eye.  This was a fun shoot.

I big shout out to my homie C God @godfrey2k (Instagram) for the leaf effect! 

Stay tuned there's a lot more coming.

Owner: @thats_her_mdx Instagram

Vehicle Info

2017 Acura MDX Modifications

1. Air ride : Accuair management

2. 22x10.5 BD wheels

3. S factor splitter kit

2019 Photoshoot "New Shoes"

2018 Photoshoot

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