Night & Day (No Wheel Gaps Pt. 1 & 2)

Back in 2017 I had a series called "Riding Air" but now its a new year with new things coming. The Riding Air series featured cars that had air suspension. If this is the first one you are seeing go back and check out the nine others cars that were featured.

I met the owner of this Infiniti Q50 in 2016 Hyde Park. I noticed the car because of the silver paint and red rims. That is a unique color way for a car usually it is reversed (red paint and silver rims). The owner was okay with me taking shots of the car. We spoke about some future mods. I had these photos for a while. Now it’s time to share them. I will be dropping second part two of these photos later this week.

Cost: 34,200 (Starting)

Owner: q_bubba (Instagram)

Engine: I-4 Cylinder | 3.0L Twin Turbo V6

Horsepower: 208-400

Fuel Economy: 20/29

Top Speed: 155

0-60: 5.2

Part two is coming March 8th.

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