Super Static Stance

If you haven’t noticed the Honda Civic has to be one of the most popular cars on the road today. You will see them from the inner city (the hood) and the suburbs/ rural areas (the sticks). When you are driving or walking in you neighborhood in the United State you will see old and new Civic’s on the road.

I like when people take a popular car like the Honda Civic and make it their own. The Honda Civic is a great canvas to start with. This Civic I that was selected to be featured is from someone I’ve known for a while. Stay tuned because I’m going to follow this build.

The Specs (Specifications)

Year: 2012 (9th Generation)

Cost: $23,000 +

Owner: @trunkmasterflexx Instagram

Engine: 2.4 Inline four cylinder

Horsepower: 201

Fuel Economy: 22/31/25

Transmission: Six Speed Manual

Top Speed: 155

0-60: 6.3

The Mods (Modifications)

  1. BC Coil Overs

  2. K Tuned Exhaust 3 inch cut to 2.5 inches (clearance)

  3. Devsport Splitter

  4. Modulo Lip

  5. Seibon Carbonfiber Hood

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