Car Of The Week September - October

Car of the week will be a chance for me to showcase cars and up coming features. This post will be separated into several parts supercars, hypercars, sportscars, vintage, JDM, euro, unique builds, SUV/ Trucks and more. 


Owner: unamed Car: Porsche 365 Cabrio (1950's) One morning while heading to work, I noticed I needed gas. I headed to the gas station and filled up. While I was putting my gas cap on when I noticed a little blue vintage Porsche. I asked the owner about his car. He said he had it for decades. I asked him how about getting in to classics. He said keep any eye out for limited run cars that you like not what is popular. Take of the car and enjoy it. He let me take some shots of his Porsche. The is the last post for September / October. Stay tuned for the next post and car of the week will he back in November.  


Owner: @craftdetailing (Instagram) 

Car: Porsche GT3 

The Porsche GT3 is one of the last natually aspirated sportscars. Now that stricker regulations are forcing manufacturers to downsize, turbo charge and hybridize their engines. The GT3 sounds so good at high rpms! 

This is a sneak peek of the full feature coming to this website in 2020. Stay tuned! 

JDM (Japanese Domsetic Market)

Owner: @the_gtcar (Instagram) 

Car: Nissan GTR 

I meet the GTCar a couple of years ago. We both were at a cars and coffee and we were  shooting a black Ferrari Laferrari.  

He bought a Nissan GTR a while back and he has been modifying it. Check out his Instagram for up dates. By the way it spits flames! 

Owner: @is_3fiddy (Instagram) Car: Lexus lS 350 

This car was shot in Boston’s Seaport district right at the edge of the Boston harbor. The owner reached out to me via Instagram for the shoot. 

This Lexus is a clean build. There are some touches that are not over the top. All the parts come together nicely. The full set will drop in 2020 on this website. Stay tuned.  

GT (Grand Tourer)

Owner: Aston Martin New England 

Car: Aston Martin Vantage 

Back in January 2017 I went to Aston Martin New England. I saw the new Aston Martin Vantage.  This was the preproduction version before it was launched to the public. 

I had a chance to shoot it and talk to the representative (racecar driver) from Aston Martin talking me through all the changes. It was a cool experience. I did this all on my lunch break. 

European Cars

Owner: @deadpoolm4_ralphy (Instagram) Car: BMW M4 

I shot this BMW M4 a couple of years ago. It was at Cars and Coffee event in Sharon 

Massachusetts. I met the owner and  I told him I like the superman theme on his build. 

Fast forward a couple of years later he has a new M4. Check it out in his Instagram. Stay tuned for the next post. 

American Cars 

Owner: @tunerarmy (Instagram) 

Car: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 

I did this photoshoot on the fourth of July 2019. I was looking for some different to shoot and feature on my website. This Corvette fit that criteria. 

Corvette’s have been modified a lot of different ways. The version of the is dope! The owner is youtuber. This shoot will be dropping on in 2020. 

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