Car Of The Week (November)

Car of the week will be a chance for me to showcase cars and up coming features. This post will be separated into several parts supercars, hypercars, sportscars, vintage, JDM, euro, unique builds, SUV/ Trucks and more. 

The Drift Machine 

Owner: @legenday_2jayzee

Crew: @slidahs 

Car: Nissan 370z (Heavly Modified) 

I don’t remember how long ago when I started to like drifting. It was probably watching Jeremey Clarkson (Top Gear) or Chris Harris on YouTube. I saw a drift car in a Massachusetts town a few years back. You don’t see them very often on the road. I was able to get in touch with the owner Ryan (@legenday_2jayzee Instagram). Scheduling the photoshoot took some time, but it was worth it.  The build is clean and he has a full interior (rare for drift cars). The plans Ryan has for this car are going to be dope! The full set will drop in 2020 in this website. Stay tuned! 

Bluehill’s R8

Owner: @xpresscarwash  

Car: Audi R8

This is round two for the Owner of Xpress Carwash. I shot his red Audi was featured back on December 25th 2017 on this website. The build was clean bagged and gold vossen rims.  

He is sticking with Audi and definitely upgraded. A supercar upgrade. This was an interesting shoot in a good way. Stay tuned for the full 2020 feature on this website.  

Mark V Supra

Owner: @nemotoguy 

Car: 2020 Toyota Supra 

I have been following Vahe (@nemotoguy) on Instagram since he had his Audi S4. He recently bought the new Supra (one of the first). Back in September I did a photoshoot for him. Once I saw the Supra live it looks was better than on line. He is also a youtuber, when you get a chance check him out. He recently did a modification to his car that is pretty dope to see what he did follow him on Instagram. The set of the shoot will be dropping in 2020. Stay tuned.  

Bred Truck

Owner: @arhenny

Truck: Toyota Tundra 

The reason I wanted to feature a pick up truck, is back in 2006-2008 I had a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab. I’m a truck guy so I get why people buy them. The owner had a Infiniti G37 (modified) I used to see on Bluehill Ave in Boston. I saw via social media that he bought a truck. During the shoot he explained how much he liked Toyota Tundra’s and the work he put into it. This Toyota pick is a family thing because his dad has a tundra as well. Why did I title this post Bred truck? I’ve been into sneakers before the sneakerhead term was coined. The term “bred" is due to the black and red Colorway of Air Jordan’s mainly the 11’s. Stay tuned for the full feature in 2020!  

Real OG

Owner: @mr_summersendoff Car: Honda Accord  Event: @summer_send_off 

I did a photoshoot a few months back on a early Sunday morning. The car I shot was an early 1990’s Honda Accord. The owner Tony affectionately calls it “The Turd". It’s a very clean build. I’m going to date myself but I remember seeing these Honda’s on the streets of Boston everywhere. So seeing dope builds brings me back. Tony has a car show called “Summer Send Off” held at the end of summer. There are all types of cars at this event. I didn’t get a chance to go this year but I’ll make it go for 2020 show. The full feature will drop in 2020. Stay tuned for more!  

Mint Chocolate Chip

Owner: @thats_her_MDX 

SUV: 2017 Acura MDX I shot L's 2017 Acura MDX in fall 2018. I posted on my website in 2019. The shoot had a fall vibe. If you want to see the full set go to:

Website: This site “Chocolate and Gold" Mobile Site: Page 3 Desktop Site: Page 1 The shoot was fun. The owner changed the wheels on her MDX to a mint green. The look was something different I liked it. This is one of the photos. The full set will go live in 2020. Stay tuned. 

Icy White (No T-Shirt)

Owner: @teggytony Car: Nissan 370z I saw the owners old car on the streets of Boston a few years back. While scrolling through social media. I noticed he had a different car and it was modified. I reached out to him shoot his car. The car was icy white. I’ve shot Nissan 350's and 370’s over the years. They are all are unique and this build is fire. The shoot was in the summer of 2019 right after a storm in Boston. The shoot was one of my favorite this year. You’ll see why this shoot was dope in 2020. Stay tuned.

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