Car Of The Week

Car of the week will be a chance for me to showcase cars and up coming features. This post will be separated into several parts supercars, hypercars, sportscars, vintage, JDM, euro, unique builds, SUV/ Trucks and more.

The GS King

Owner: @ibsavage_f  

Car: Lexus GS-F Growing up in Boston, I’d seen all kinds of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti Honda and Acura’s etc. The one car that I’d see people drive were the Lexus GS. It was popular in the late 90'-00's. The GS's I saw would be modified wheels, lowered , bagged, etc. The first time I saw this Lexus GS-F was at Eastside Motoring getting wheels fitted. The colors and the stance caught my eye. About a year later I was doing a photoshoot for it. This is one of the best Lexus builds in the Boston area. Stand by for the full set dropping in 2020.  

Luxury Muscle Car

Owner: @nvrstop_nvrsettle  

Car: Audi S5 I met Elder the owner a few years back at a cars and Coffee. Back then he had an Audi S4 bagged. His car stood out from the crowd. Most of the other cars were stock. Now he’s driving an Audi S5. The mods he did are dope. He had a car meet fundraiser a few years back for his daughter cheerleading team in Brockton. That was a dope thing to and I respect that. I took some shots of his A4 and S5. The full set will have a history of the cars, you’ll see the progression. Stay tuned.  

Green Machine (A Bodybuilders Car)

Owner: @troublecraig Car: Dodge Charger Hell Cat 

I have three main hobbies weightlifting, photography and sneaker collecting.

I met the owner of this Dodge Charger (Craig) over a decade ago. I met Craig at a gym in Dedham. Craig was a bodybuilder back in the day and still a beast today.  He currently owns a beast of a car. The Hell Cat come with seven hundred horses stock. He has some plans to take it to the next level in 2020. Stay tuned for full set in 2020!  

The Hood Z

Owner: @hoodrich_boss617

Car: Nissan 350Z 

I’m going to keep it real with you. I’m a fan of the Nissan brand. I had a 2008 Maxima back in the day. The owner of this 350Z knocked it out of the park with his build. The colors play off each other well. The stance is on point. I did a shoot back in November. This is a small taste of that shoot. The owner has some more things planned for this Z. There may maybe another shoot with a BMW M coming in 2020. Stay tuned for the full set in 2020.  

Rain Storm And A Supercar

Owner: @chris.fren × @bostonwhips Car: McLaren 675LT The generation of the McLaren’s 650, 675LT and P1 is my favorite. The new generation of McLaren design is slowly growing on me. The owner Chris and I have been trying to get our schedules to sync for a while for a shoot. Last month (November) we scheduled a Sunday shoot. There was a bad storm and driving was a challenge. I explained to Chirs I shoot year round in all conditions. When I arrived to the location the rain was coming in sheets. Good thing I brought an umbrella and other waterproof gear. I stared the shoot and wrapped it up in 15 minutes. I got some moody shoots. There will more content coming in 2020. Stay tuned! 

Tale Of Two Shoots

Owner: @juanfern70 SUV: BMW X5

I’m a fan of Juan’s build of his BMW X5. The color of the paint and wheels play off other well. The color is kind of like a nardo grey but it color shifts in the light, if you look closely. The wheels are black Vossens. Black and grey are my favorite exterior colors for cars. I saw his SUV on Instagram and I wanted to get a crack at shooting it. We scheduled a shoot but it the pictures came out okay. So we rescheduled another shoot on an early Sunday morning. The shots came our much better. Stay tuned for the upgrades coming for 2020 for Juan’s X5. The full set will drop in 2020!  

Past & Present

Owner: @warnerone Car: Porsche 911 I met the owner of this car two to three years ago at a cars and coffee. Back then he had an Audi RS5 (bagged, black wheels, white paint, and a loud exhaust). I remember asking him to rev the engine and the exhaust was insane! 

A few years past and I noticed he leveled up. He now has a blue Porsche 911. We scheduled a shoot in downtown Boston (Financial District). The Porsche has an understated look , which is dope. There are some more modifications to come. Stay tuned for full feature in 2020!  

The Last One

Owner: @RS.Kode Car: Audi RS4

If you know me then you’ll know l’m a huge Audi guy. The Audi RS6 has been my favorite for many years.

I saw @RS.Kodes car at carmeet in the summer of 2019. The RS4 is hands down one of the best sedans. Its rare to have a V8 in a small sedan. The build is on point. The exhaust is the right tone, wheels, suspension, and it all comes together dope. I scheduled a shoot with RS. That day I had two other shoot scheduled. I made it to the shoot and he had a photoshoot with his own clients. I literally shot his car in fifteen minutes. He even offered me one of his lenses to shoot with. That showed me what type of guy he is. This is the first time we met in person. I have a lot of respect for automotive photographers because we love cars and photography. Stand by for the full set in 2020. This will be the last Car Of The Week for the year. There will be more to come in 2020. Happy New year! 

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