The Photoshoot & A Rap Video

Photographer: @redlinesproject (Serge)

Owner @r35_cory

Viedographer: @sof0klis *All of us can be found on Instagram.*

Weather you like Nissan GTR’s or not, it defies physics. There are not a lot of sports cars that consistently perform like more expensive cars. The GTR has always been a legend from Japan and all over the world. The Story I saw Cory's GTR on Instagram in early 2019. I wanted to shoot his car because it was different from other GTR's I’ve seen and shot before. After scheduling the shoot. We met on the Boston Cambridge line at a skate park in August 2019. While we planned how the shoot will go, a group of people from the skate park approached the car. They looked at the car took selfies and pictures of the car. I thought it would be a good way to start the shoot, so I started taking photos. A few minutes passed and one of the people that were looking at the car asked could they shoot a scene for a video. Cory said sure thing. So the rapper started his scene and I took some more shots. The videographer Sofoklis wanted to get some more b roll for the video. After the video shoot was completed I ask Cory to move the car to another location closer to the skate park. I took some shots. Sofoklis offered me some of his lights since it was night at this point. I used the light and go some more unique shots. Once I got the shots I needed. I asked Cory to move his car to the final spot to end the shoot. I said to Sofoklis you want to stay for the end of the shoot. Once Cory got the car in place I said could you start to rev the engine so I can get some flame shots. When Cory revved the engine I felt the heat twenty feet away from the exhaust. A few moment after the flames started exploding out of the exhaust. The trailer and most dynamic shoots I got were of the flames! You see me twice in the trailer once guiding the car to the right spot and second when I talk to Cory. This was the one of the best shoots I’ve ever done. The unlikely collaboration brought out a dope products! This is just the beginning for the 2020 full features. Happy new year! The Build Tires: R888R Toyo tires,

Wheels: @vellanoforgedwheels

Bodykit: @Aimgain_international V2 wide body kit (that was the 4th in the US and 1st in the east coast) Wrap: wrap design created by Cory and 

@colorbombwraps_az, wrapped by @masswraps,

Roll Cage: Aractnid 6 point cage done by 

@studiorsr and installed by @eastside motoring , @sparcousa SPX seats installed by @eastsidemotoring ,

Exhaust: @tomei_powered Expreme titanium cat back exhaust installed by Cory and @that_s5 ,

Truck Set-Up: trunk setup with @air_lift_performance done by @eastsidemotoring 

** Look at how the wrap reacts to different light.**

Frontend & Side Shots 

Rear Shots

Best for last

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