Something Different

Owner: @smokinsaab (Instagram)  Car: Saab (Ariel)

Saab's are different european cars. They are a Swedish car company. You don’t see many Saab's modified compared to other european brands (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and others). I’m a fan of cars that aren’t poplar and  modified well. The owner (Tom) of the this Saab has a wrap, lowerd D2 Coilovers, wheels and other mods. I saw this Saab at a Mass BMW car meet in June 2019. I noticed it because the of the wrap as I got closer I saw the other mods that were done. The wrap color is bananas! This car is definitely one of a kind. The owner also has other Saab’s as well.I will be doing a photoshoot for this car this year stay tuned!  

Bagged Benz

Owner: e_guerrero05 Car: Mercedes-Benz E Class Coupe On a Sunday afternoon 2019. I was wrapping up my errands and was at a light waiting to go. I looked over to my right and saw a slammed Mercedes-Benz E Class coupe. 

The E Class coupe are not as popular as the other model in the New England. It's rare to see one bagged with some dope wheels. The owner was intentional about having a unique car.

I took a quick shot on my phone. I added the photo to my Instagram story with the caption “ Tag Owner". One of my followers tagged Owner. I reached out to see of he wanted to shoot. We set a time and this is one of two shoots that were done. The full set will drop later this year.  

Stealth Build

Owner: d_cambio Car: Lexus RC-F Shop: dc_paintshop

I went to a car meet in June 2019 in Westwood. As my son and I walked up to the meet. The first car I saw was a slammed Lexus RC-F. My son even commented saying “dad that car is cool.” Back then my son was six years old so to get a kids attention is not easy.

 It’s not often you see a RC-F in the Boston New England . This one was modified well the (bagged, wheels, and more). The color choice is dope. It looks like the wheels and paint match. The competitors of the RC-F are the BMW M4, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and Audi RS5. The other european cars are more popular. The RC-F’s design and naturally aspirated V8 set it apart. The RC-F's sound pretty good. Stay tuned for full set later this year.  

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