I wanted to do something different for 2020. I've attended many auto shows. Since I have a platform to share my work, I wanted to attend as media. 

As a photographer shooting at automotive events can he challenging due to people getting into your shot. I was glad to have to opportunity to get some content. 

The photos are of the cars and booths that caught my attention. The photos will vary from modified, classic, and new technology. 



Mustang Mach-E 

This is Fords electric crossover lightly styled with some Mustang design.

Mustang Shelby GT500

This is the most powerful Mustang you can buy from the factory. The big news on this Mustang is it has a dual clutch gearbox.  Those gearboxes are found on Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and other supercars.  

Raptor F-150

The Raptor is based on a trophy truck (offroad racing truck). I think it's the best value for the utility and power. 


C8 Corvette

Full disclosure I'm not a Corvette fan.  When I heard years ago that the would be a mid engine version coming i was sceptical. 

Seeing the C8 online didn't really change my mind. The value for the money the Corvette has always been an good choice. Once I saw it in the metal it looks better. I'm going to reserve judgment once the higher performance versions come out. 


675LT Spyder

The 675LT is one of my favorite McLaren's. It's from the previous generation of supercars. The raw power it generates and the speed it can achieve is impressive. 

Senna The McLaren Senna is a racecar that happens to be street legal. This car is not meant to be put somewhere and not driven. The design is all about speed. This example is full exposed carbon fiber. 

The Senna is named after the Brazilian F1 driver Ayrton Senna da Silva. He was one of the greatest drivers ever.  

I'm doing a full feature next week (last week of January.) Stay tuned! 


The 720s is one of the fastest cars you can buy under one million dollars. The design is futuristic and focused on speed.


The GT was created for McLaren to have a comfortable long distance cruiser. The GT will compete with Aston, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley etc. The GT is not slow but is focused on comfort. 


Challenger Hellcat Widebody

The hellcat is one of the most powerful musclecars. The horsepower is over 700 horsepower. The reason I shot it because the color is really nice. 

Aston Martin 

Vanquish Zagato 

This Aston is a rare. There are under fifty built. What makes the Vantge special because it has been redesigned by Zagato (Italian Design company). Instaed of a coupe the rear end has been changed into a shooting break (wagon type of vehicle). 


The Aston Martin DBX is the first SUV from the company. The DBX is extremely comfortable and spacious inside. The attention to detail is really apparent. I did a shoot and it will he feature soon. 

Lamborghini (Herb Chambers)

The Lamborghini Huracan is the smaller supercar. The Evo is the most tech and some other updates. The Evo spyder is the latest version of the Huracan.  The Huracan is ending its life cycle. The new one is on it's way soon. 

Eastside Motoring

The Shop: @eastsidemotoring (Instagram) 

Owner: @r35_cory (Instagram) 

Car: Nissan GTR (Heavly Modified)

I did a photoshoot featuring the GTR. Its posted on the website on January 1st 2020.

Owner: @Wide0ut (Instagram) 

Car: Audi S7 (Heavily Modified) 

If did a feature on his classic Porsche. Its featured on this website on December 25th 2019. 

Acura NSX 

Owner: Unknown 

SUV: Lamborghini Urus 

Owner: unknown 

Factory 5

@factoryfiveracing (Instagram) 

I've always enjoyed seeing vintage racecars. You can tell where some cars go their design and technology.  While I was headed to the booth next the this one I saw this car raised up and I caught my attention.  This booth had lots of different types of classic cars. 

Other cars that were interesting. 

Porsche GT3 

Luxury Details

@luxurydetailsma (Instagram) 

Lamborghini Huracan's 

Classic M3 

That gulf livery is amazing! 


@avi (Instagram) 

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