Car Of The Week February

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Not Your Average Miata

Owner: @bunk_yata  Car: Mazda Miata 

The Mazda Miata is a small Japanese sports car. The Miata has a following of passionate people. They are being modified in all different ways. I watched a documentary about Miata and some have V8 engine swaps (LS GM and Dodge HellCat). I saw this Miata at a car meet last year. It caught my eye because of the color and as I looked at it closer there were more modifications done. I haven’t seen another one like it. I’m not a fan of the stock Miata, but when they are modified they look good. The build is clean.  I have more photos of this car on the Turner Status Meet. (Photos can be found on Page 5 on the mobile website). Stay tuned for another feature this week.  

Unique Build  

Owner: @rexjones_

Car: Subaru WRX 

As a photographer your reputation is worth more than bit coin/ gold. Rex is one of the many photographer from the Boston area. He has a dope Subaru WRX in green exterior with a red interior. His WRX stands out and is a unique build. He’s juggling multiple platforms from social media, websites and YouTube. I attend and covered a few of the events / meets in 2019. Those will be coming will be posted to this website later this year. Check out my coverage on the website. Page 5 “Tuner Status Meet" from 2019. I came across his Tuner Status Instagram a few years ago. It features import, tuner and modified cars. I liked that I saw and followed the page. I ran into him last summer at a car meet and talked for a bit. He’s a real one. People now a days in this social media age can be really fake. There are some collaborations coming soon stay tuned. Lastly he started Fitted Elite Instagram and YouTube as well. When you have a check out the platforms. Check out the all platforms below. Instagram: @tunerstatus, @fittedelite (There are links to the websites on Instagram) YouTube: Fitted Elite

Camber King

Owner: @thestancegod @builttopark (Instagram) 

Car: Hyundai Genesis Japanese Domestic Market or JDM are Japanese cars. They are very poplar cars that are modified in the tuner scene. The car featured is part of the Korean Domestic Market or KDM. These are Koren car companies like Hyundai etc. The owner of this Genesis has modified it to another level. It’s one of the most modified cars in the Boston area. It’s bagged, wheels, color change (digital camo wrap) amongst other mods. The first time I saw this car was a few years ago at a cars and coffee in Sharon Massachusetts. I have shot this car at several events over the years. I respect this build because it’s so unique. You can see other photos I’ve take on this website “Pop Up Carmeet" (page 7 mobile site). 

Stay tuned for more content! 

Clean Build

Owner: @justin_fg4 

Car: Honda Civic SI  Honda’s are some of the most popular cars on the road today. In Boston there are a lot of Honda’s that are modified, some builds are good and some are not. So when you see a clean build it’s a dope thing. 

I saw this Honda Civic coupe in Boston a year a two ago. I’ve seen this car in a few carmeets in 2019. I’m a fan of the build its clean and not too extreme. Check out the owners Instagram for shots of his Civic. 

You can see more photos on this website of Justin's civic.There is a Beast Coast Series from summer 2019. 

Stay tuned for the next feature.  

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