A Very Clean Build (Part 1 & 2)

Owner: @oohulikeberries (Instagram)

Car: Lexus GS 300

Team: @StanceInnovators (Instagram)

Photoshoot: 2


This was my 2nd photoshoot of 2020. I think it was the beginning of May.

I remember seeing Shaud's Lexus GS at a car meet in 2018. The event was sponsored by the Stance Innovators. There were a lot of unique builds at the meet. His car stood out because it was bagged (lowered on air suspension) with copper wheels. I’ve posted his car on my social media platforms and on this website. 


Stance Innovators

Good Weather Meet on this website.

The shoot went well. I shot the car in Boston's downtown area. The full set of photos will drop later this year or 2021. Don’t forget to follow @redlinesproject on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Have a great weekend. Check out the full gallery below. Stay tuned for part 2.

Part 1