Car Of The Week April

The cover car is the Mercedes-Benz CLK 63AMG Black Series

Sunday Afternoon In Chinatown

Owner: @mayday_mikey99 (Instagram)

Restaurant: Sweet Waffles+ Boba  (@sweetwafflesandboba)

Car: Acura NSX  There is a business owner Mike the owner of a classic Acura NSX and restaurant Sweet Waffles + Boba (Chinatown, Boston). Before the virus, there would be several posts on my social media feed of the Sweet Boba and Waffles. Seeing all these posts of satisfied customers made me want to visit his restaurant. I haven’t been yet but I’m definitely going soon.  Mike’s NSX is really clean all white with some different accents on the wheels and other places. There was an opening at the restaurant (social distancing) a few weekends ago. The lines were long so I decided to take some photos of the NSX. The full feature will be coming soon.

The Lowkey Build

Owner: @wgordxn (Instagram)

Car: Acura TSX

Will has been shooting cars for a while. His work is dope. He also has an Acura TSX that is bagged. He recently put wheels on his car completing a low key build. He said there are some things to add but nothing really flashy.

I used to work with Will back in the day. A year or two ago I ran into him at some meets during car season. Follow his build and photography. The photoshoot idea for his car was downtown architecture juxtapose with a JDM car. The shoot went well. 

Stay tuned for the full feature later this year. 

Old Whip

Owner: @stanceinn_sanchez

Car: Acura TSX

Car Club: @stanceinnovators 

I met the owner of this Acura TSX at the Stance Innovators event in summer 2018. He had a unique build  his TSX. One day I was driving in a Boston neighborhood and I saw his car. Funny thing I’m not a flashy car guy but the gold wheels where dope.

There are some photos of the owner and the Stance Innovators on this website.

** Search Heat Wave** 

 I’ve been following the Stance Innovators Instagram for a  while now. They have some dope cars in their club. The owner has something new coming. I’m not sure when but stay tuned.