Car Of The Week August

Against The Grain

Owner: @aston2low

Car: Aston Martin Vantage

Sal has a rarely modified car. Most people that buy Aston Martin's modify the exhaust, wheels, maybe a power upgrade. It’s really rare to see a high end sports car modified like this one. Sal slammed (lowered on air suspension). If I’m not mistaking there only one other Aston on the east coast.

Sal is a humble guy. We spoke about cars, life, sneakers & networking. Sal is part of car crew Import Evolution. This group has some unique cars. Stay tuned for the full set dropping soon.

Sleeper Car

Owner: @Vee8_isf

Car: Lexus IS-F

Bryan did a great job modifying his Lexus IS-F. It’s a understated build. The paint color and wheels go well together. The shoot was done in downtown Boston. When people walked by they broke their necks (stared at the car for a long time).

I’ve been a fan of the IS-F because its understated in the design. If you know about car you’ll know what it is. The best part of the IS-F is the exhaust. You’ll hear a low rumbling V8 and all you’ll see is a luxury sedan. Stay tuned for the full gallery set.

Clean Truck

Owner: @shineworks_mobile_detailing (Instagram)

SUV: Cadillac Escalade

I grew up in Hyde Park (Boston neighborhood) I lived there for over twenty years. I’ve seen businesses come and go. There’s a car wash and detailing (Shine Mobile Detailing). The cool thing is the business is owned and run by young black man. I reached out to the owner Kels to shoot his Cadillac Escalade.

I remember years ago you’d see SUVs sitting on twenty plus inch wheels but now its not as popular. It’s cool to see a lowered black Escalade. It brought me back to early 2000s. If you are in the Boston area check out his shop. They do amazing work. Stay tuned for the full gallery drop.

Something Different

Owner: @ john.ludwick (Instagram)

Club: @thegovernorsclub (Instagram)

Car(s): BMW 700, Toyota Century, Chevrolet Corvair and more

YouTube: John Ludwick

Podcast: Purpose And Passion Podcast

One early Sunday morning in Hype Park (Boston) I met up with John Ludwick. I took some shots while he was doing his thing in the skate park. I got some decent shots.

We talked about a lot of different things. Fun fact John was a professional BMX rider and when I was a kid I had a BMX. The bike he’s riding in the photo is designed by him.

The first learned about him back in the summer of 2019 at a carmeet in Boston. John has and had some eclectic cars some from America, Japan, and Europe. John has a YouTube, Podcast, Car club and small business.

One of the things I’ve come across over my years a photographer. All the people I’ve have different backgrounds but car bring down all the walls between people. Stay tuned for full shoot.

Super Sedan

Owner: Legendary_rb26

Car: Nissan R33 Sedan

When you hear Nissan GTR you think of a coupe / sports cars. I’m huge believer in rare unique cars to shoot and this one fits that criteria. This R33 sedan was imported from Japan and is twenty six years old. It is right hand drive and has some carbon fiber on the interior of the car.

I featured one of Ryan’s (owner) cars on this website (Search Drift'n Z). The Nissan 370z is heavily modified for Formula D driving. I am a fan of fast sedans and wagons. This is definitely one of the best around. Stay tuned for the full gallery feature in 2021.

Import Musclecar

Owner: @rival.s550 (Instagram)

Car: Ford Mustang

In the summer of 2019 there some car meets by the @beastcoast group. The meets would happen in Boston. I attended three of them. At one of the events I saw a blue mustang and it stood out. Boston’s car scene has a lot of JDM, European cars, sportscars and event supercars. There are few muscle cars. I like all types of car so seeing a mustang caught my attention.

I posted a photo on on wheel Wednesday. I tagged the owner. A few months later we meet in Boston for the shoot. The shoot went well and the car was easy to shoot.

The owner (Josh) and I talked about our cars history (cars we’ve owned) and what’s next. Fun fact the owner owned a Subaru before the mustang. This is dope build because you can see import influences on a musclecar. Stay tuned for the gallery feature dropping later this year or early 2021.