Car Of The Week December

Not A Regular A3

Owner: @notyouraveragea3

Car: Audi A3

Audi is my favorite car brand. I always like shooting Audi's when ever I have a chance. I saw this A3 on social media. The owner and I scheduled a Sunday morning for a shoot. This A3 has a dope wrap, wheels, air suspension and more mods. We shot at the Seaport (Boston). This was a dope build. Stay tuned for the full feature in 2021.

Blacked Out

Owner: @gsr.neek @neekshooting

Car: Mitsubishi Evo GSR

I recently moved and while driving home I saw a blacked out static Mitsubishi Evo GSR. I reached out to the owner and we set up a shoot. The car stood out to me because it’s all black my favorite spec.

During the shoot Neek stated he was a photographer as well. It was cool to talk about cars and photography. The full feature will drop in 2020.

Stage 2

Owner: @hoodrich_boss617 (Instagram)

Car: Nissan 350z

This is the second feature of this car. I shot it back in November 2019 and it was Grey with some carbon fiber touches. The owner did some upgrades and color change for 2020. The color change really changes the personality of the car. It’s rare to see red 350z's. Check the old and new builds.

Search: “Hood Z" for the full feature July 2020.

Stay tuned for the full feature in 2021.

Super 6 Series

Owner: @Fredo_frey (Instagram)

Shop: @alfredoautobody (Instagram)

Car: BMW 6 Series (Low Key Mods)

One day I was driving in Boston and I saw a black BMW 6Series in a driveway. I thought it was dope and kept driving. During one of my shoots in May the person I was shooting with mentioned the same black 6 Series. I said yes I’ve seen it before. Long story short he reached out the 6 Series owner.

A few months later we scheduled a shoot. Fun fact Fredo at my old gym in Hyde Park. We chopped it up for a few minutes.

The cars build is unique to the Boston area. The Black paint, BBS Wheels, air suspension and the engine mods come together nicely. The build is headed past a BMW M6. The full gallery feature will drop in 2021.

Retro JDM

Owner: @xxmidnight_ravenxx

Car: Acura NSX (90's)

Back in 2019 at a Beast Coast Meet in Boston. I saw all types of Japanese, European and American cars that were modified. There was one car that stood put even though it was dark Grey. This car was an Acura NSX (Honda NSX globally). This is the 3rd NSX I’ve featured on this website this year and all three are unique.

I like the build on this one because it’s a dark gray color. It has some tasteful upgrades but its too far from stock. Fast forward a year and I was able to get in touch with the owner and scheduled a photoshoot. My colleague (@x_images1) came through and did some behind the scenes video of the shoot. This shoot took place in three locations. The full set will drop later in 2021.

Caged Beast

(1st Shoot)

(2nd Shoot)

Owner: @torque_rs

Car: Ford Focus RS

The Ford Focus RS is the extreme version of the standard car. The owner of this RS took this one to another level. The combination of the design of the car and mods make this RS a one of one. I shot this car twice in 2020 the two photos are sneak peeks from the shoots. The full drop will be in two parts in 2021.

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