Car Of The Week February

The Last One

(Aston Martin DBX)

(Aston Martin Vantage)

Owner: @astonmartinboston

Aston Martin is a brand that makes people take notice. I’ve always wanted to shoot high-end cars to increase my experience. An opportunity arose where I had a chance to shoot some high-end cars. I went to Aston Martin Boston and shot the New Vantage and a DBX (their 1st SUV). This is the second time I shot a DBX. Big shout out to Seth and Dominic for being so accommodating. Shout to my cousin Sid for showing with me. This was the last shoot of 2020. It was a great way to finish the year. Stay tuned for more from me.

Ski Box Stance

Owner: @baggedtls

Car: Acura TL-S

Acura had a car before the TLX and TSX called the Acura TL. During that time in Boston TL and the Infiniti G35/G37 were the most popular Japanese luxury sedans. You don’t see TL's as much anymore. So when I saw one I made me nostalgic. The car has several modifications from inside out. My favorite one is the ski box it completes the look.

I reached out to the owner and we scheduled a shoot. The owner wanted multiple shoots. The second shoot was at the Seaport. I shot some portraits and the car. Toward the end of the shoot a state police officer asked the owner about the air suspension. Part two will drop later this year.

Stanced Homies

Owner: @oohulkberries

Car: Lexus

Owner: @360demetrius

Car: Honda Civic

Back in September 2020 I had four shoots in one day. One of my shoots were in Hyde Park. This shoot was cool because the shoot was at a school were the owners went back in the day.

One car was a silver Lexus GS and the other car was an orange Honda Civic. Both cars are unique the GS has been featured before on this website. The Civic is orange and the is unique. Stay tuned for the full feature dropping later this year.

Search: A Very Clean Build (Lexus GS)

Swedish Build

Owner: @nickbelmonte

Car: Volvo S70

There are lots of popular cars to modify like Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and more. There are lesser know brands that have a fewer people that show them love at least in the United States. The people are passionate about those brands.

I remember seeing this this Volvo at meet last year. I noticed it right away because it was the only Volvo there. I reached out to the owner to shoot it. It’s a dope build. It’s green with chrome wheels and lower suspension.

Volvo and Saab are the European brands that have a strong but not popular following. Back in the day my dad had a Volvo V70 wagon and his friend had a Saab 95 and they would talk about how Swedish cars we dope. I grew up around a lot of different types of cars. Stay tuned for the full feature dropping later this year.

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