Car Of The Week January

Original Stance

Owner: @bostonheavychevy

Car: Chevy Impala

Before then current stance movement (static/bagged) there was the low rider movement. This style of modifying car is popular on the west coast of the United States. I saw this Chevy Impala at a Beast Coast meet several years ago. It was one of two low riders there. The build caught my eye. It was definitely one of the cleanest builds there. I reached out to the owner to shoot it. Fun fact it was my first low rider shoot. Stay tuned for the full feature will drop later in 2021.

Supreme Red Stance

Owner: @nenemiggz

Car: Honda Accord (Heavily Modified)

Team: @the_Cart3l

Back in 2020 I was on social media and I saw a well produced video featuring a bagged Honda Accord. The video was dope. A few weeks later we scheduled a shoot. That day I shot three very different cars. I've seen and shot a lot of Honda's and each one is unique. This one is dope in red. The shoot went well. I got to meet some guys from the team. Stay tuned for the full set layer this year.

Build 2.0

Owner: @teggy_tony

Car: Nissan 370z

First Feature Search: Ice White (Old build)

I shot this Nissan 370z back in 2019 or 2018. It had a completely different look.

The owner explained to me that the car was in a bad accident. It was an opportunity to change the look and feel of the car. Funny thing the new look is more aggressive. It went from a show car to a beast of a drift machine. The full gallery feature will drop later in 2021.

Golden Subie

Owner: @andres_slowrex

Car: Subaru WRX (Blob Eye)

Continuing with unique cars. I saw this gold blog eye Subaru on social media . I’m pretty sure I don’t have a gold car featured on this website. It’s a one of kind build for sure. The owner and I one could scheduled a night shoot. I choose the Seaport area of Boston due to some of the locations. We shot at three locations.

While shooting at the second location some guys on dirt bikes and quads where doing wheelies. I got some shots of them. It made for an interesting evening for sure. The full feature will drop later in 2021.

To see the dirt bikes and quads those will be posted on the “Streets of Boston”. They will be up soon.

Happy New Year!

Owner: @aeazy617

Car: Lexus GS350

This is the first feature of 2021. This shoot was a long time coming. The owners scheduled and my schedules never synced. Finally one Sunday night we meet up in Boston. To be honest I don't do many night shoots, but I'm starting to like them the more I do.

The car has a grown man look with tasteful mods. Over the past three to four years I’ve grown to appreciate Lexus cars. I’ve shot GSF's to ISF and other types. Stay tuned for the full feature dropping later this year.

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