Car Of The Week July

The M4 Ghost

Owner: @Casper_M4 (Instagram)

Car: BMW M4

I’m old enough to remember when BMW had a few M cars. Now there an M car for each segment. The M4 took over where the M3 coupe.

This shoot took place in Worcester MA. There are a lot of murals in that city. This my second shoot in Worcester. Fun fact I’ve only shot BMW's in Worcester.

This M4 has been modified tastefully. There are crazy some crazy builds. The one extreme part of the car is the exhaust. You can get a small snap shot on my Instagram story. The full set will drop later on this year or early 2021.

The Low Beemer

Owner: @beas1t

Car: BMW 335i

One day I’m driving in my old neighborhood (Hyde Park) and I saw a slammed BMW 335i. Sometime later I followed the owner on social media. The build is dope because when it’s raise at normal ride height it looks stock. It was one of the cleanest BMW builds I’ve seen.

A few months ago we scheduled a shoot. We talked about cars, trucks and life. Fun fact we both had pick up trucks back in the day. It’s always good to talk about cars. This was a dope shoot because there were two vibes dark and sunset rooftop. The full shoot will drop later 2020 or early 2021 stay tuned.

The Fire Spitting Rally Car

Owner: @FigC3 (Instagram)

Car: Mitsubishi Evolution X

I saw thisMitsubishi Evolution X on Instagram and I knew I had to shoot it. My reason is Evo's are rare compared to the other rally inspired cars (Subaru WRX, Ford Focus RS etc). I’ve seen some Evo modified to over 900hp online. I reached to the owner and we scheduled a shoot.

The day of the shoot I realized a shot someone from the same team (@R35_cory). That post is live on the website posted in January.

I brought my son along to the shoot. I explained to him wait for the end of the shoot. Fig 2 warmed up the engine and he two stepped & flames were popping. My son loved it. The build is dope white paint, blue wheels and carbon fiber accents. There will be a follow shoot coming soon and some new mods. Stay tuned.

LS Swapped & Sold

Owner: @heyitsdiogo (Instagram)

Former Car: Mazda RX-7

I remember seeing this Mazda RX-7 at a cars and coffee three to four years ago. Back then it was black. I remember posting the photo with the hood open. I ended up finding the own via social media.

The owner stated he bought the car as a shell and over time fully built it. The engine is a Chevy LS and pushing some serious power.

Last month we linked up for a photoshoot in Boston near the harbor. Early this month the car was sold. The owner said he’ll be replacing the RX-7 with something special. If you want to see what he bought check him out on Instagram. There maybe another shoot coming up. Stay tuned.

Respect Your Elders

Owner: joel_boiii13 (Instagram)

Car: Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

I saw this Skyline two or three years ago at a cars and coffee event. My son and I were leaving. There was a crowd build to check the cars (supercars, JDM, European etc) leaving the event. I spent time explaining to my son what each car was. The first shot I took was this R32. Fast forward a few years and I post the photo to my Instagram. I reached out to the owner Joel we had a shoot in Boston. The build is dope the dark color of the paint and the BBS wheels work well.

Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s there was a car that would change the game in the car world. It was called the Nissan Skyline aka “Godzilla”. It got that name in it’s racing career winning races in Japan, Europe and Australia. Almost 30 year’s later it’s still popular with multiple generations of car enthusiasts. During this time there were also Acura (Honda) NSX and the Toyota Supra were also in production and still have a following today.

Stay tuned for the next feature.