Car Of The Week June

Cover cars Ferrari 458 Italia's. One of the best naturally aspirated V8 engine ever.

Seeing Colors

Owner: @hojiiq (Instagram)

Car: Infiniti Q50

Shooting Joe’s Q50 was a long time coming. His Q50 has been through some color changes over the years. A few years ago it was pink and yellow (strawberry lemonade). Now it has a color shifting green, purple, and blue. Check out his Instagram to see the old colors on his car.

Our shoot was at two different locations. While we where driving to the second location. I thought I heard a Nissan GTR. Once we arrived to the second location. Joe explained he modified his exhaust. I told him that it’s one of the best sounding Q50 I’ve heard. Stay tuned for the full set coming soon.

Location Location Location

Owner: @juanky_jcb (Instagram)

Car: BMW 3 Series

Artist: @gregmike (Instagram)

Juan has a BMW 3 series that is clean. He reached out to me to shoot his car in Worcester. I already know where we were going to shoot. This shoot had two locations one at the mural and the second was at a bridge.

Worcester Massachusetts is low-key has become an street art hub. One of my favorite artist is Greg Mike. He painted the mural in this photo and he painted another mural in Worcester. I wanted to shoot his art with a car.

The shoot went well. We spoke about strategy, photography and of course cars. Stay tuned for another shoot with Juan’s BMW.

Nothing Given

Owner: @importevolution (Instagram)

Car: Audi A6 (modified)

I got the chance to shoot a dope blue Audi A6 a few week's ago. During my shoots I’ve noticed a trend. There are two types of conversations that happen either it’s about cars or life. We spoke about hard work and how you have to be patient to see results. We both agreed that is a fact.

The owner IE has been creating car meets and events in Massachusetts and Florida for years. There’s an event coming this August go to IE's Instagram for more info.

Stay tuned for the full feature.

Copper Stance

Owner: @kevinview_ (Instagram)

Car: Acura TSX

Kevin’s TSX is a one of one. I like the paint color and the wheel choice. I choose the location because it made the photo dynamic. Fun fact this was my the first bridge shot.

He was referred to from another shoot that I did previously. I was glad to shoot his car. Check him out on Instagram. Stay tuned for the full feature coming soon.