Car Of The Week March

A Hint Of Gold

Owner: @champagneninjas

Car: Ferrari FF

My favorite colors for car/ trucks are black or grey. I say this because one day while visiting Ferrari New England I saw a dope Ferrari FF. The FF is a four seat Ferrari with an enormous V12. The FF was all black and the prancing horse was gold.

The owner FF is sold but it was one the dopest cars I’ve seen in the Boston area. I’m hoping in the coming months to shoot another one of his cars. Stay tuned.

Beemer to Benz

Owner: @Sinister.C63s

Car: Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupe

I met Tim two or three years ago at a car meet in Lawrence MA. Then he had a BMW M3 I took some shots of it. Some months later it was totalled in accident.

Tim flipped the script and bought a C63 AMG coupe. Since then I’ve seen it a few times here and there. Tim is making a big change to his AMG. Follow him on Instagram to see the progress.

Since car companies are downsizing engines, hybridizing and turbo. A lot of cars lose there sound (soul). Naturally aspirated sound the best. Mercedes-Benz have figured out how to have their turbo 4.0 liter V8 engine to sound pretty good stock.

Stay tuned for the next feature!