Car Of The Week May

Not Your Average VW

Owner: @mk4r32dan

Car: Volkswagen R32

When you think of R32 what comes to mind? Some may say the Nissan Skyline GTR since it gets a lot of hype. This R32 is the most aggressive version of the Golf hatchback. The R32 had always been on my radar. My first two cars were German (Audi Sedan and a VW Jetta III).

Once saw the grey R32 on social media I had to shoot it. The shoot was booked, and the shoot went well.The grey color and the black wheels go well together. I was glad I was able to shoot it. It’s definitely one of the cleanest VW builds in the Boston area.Stay tuned for the full feature later this year or early 2022

Worcester to Boston

Owner: @juanky_jcb

Car: BMW 3 Series

Juan has a really clean black, white and carbon fiber BWM three series. We shot in 2020 in Worcester MA at a few spots in town, that was my first time shooting their. There are some dope murals there. Juan refreshed his car with a brand new paint job.

For the follow shoot I chose a dark location to accentuate the white paint. We shot in the final distinct. I think the photos came of well. Stay tuned Juan has some plans for his car. The full feature will drop soon.

Green Camber

Owner: @superrlo

Car: GT86

There are a very few green cars in the Boston/ New England car scene. There’s one that has extreme camber and is static. It's Julio's GT86 / FRS. I’ve shot this car at many meets and events over the years. I’m glad I was able to shoot it in April. The green paint and white wheels complement each other well.

The photos came out pretty good. The location was dope as well. Julio is a photographer as well so it’s cool to catch up and talk about life, photography and of course cars. Stay tuned for the full set coming soon.



Car: Subaru WRX

While browsing social media I saw this blue Subaru WRX sitting on some white BBS Wheels. The color combination is rare to say the least. It drew me to the owners page. BBS wheels usually go on german cars, so to see it one a Japanese car is dope.

I reached to him to schedule a shoot. During the shoot I we started talking photography. Come to find out he’s a photographer. I choose one of my favorite spot in Boston to shoot his car. This is a unique build and it’s one of the best WRX’s around Massachusetts. Stay tuned for the full feature.

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