Car Of The Week November

Supercar Sleeper

Owner: AP

Car: Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan

The Lamborghini Huracan is a fast car out of the box (before modifications). Popular power modifications are supercharger and turbos. Lambo's have extreme design and aggressive performance. This Lambo I shot has a carbon fiber hood. I’ve seen this hurracan on Instagram spitting Flames. I forgot to mention the it twin turbo. It’s a low key build with big performance. Stay tuned for the full gallery feature.

A Rare Sight

Owner: @champagneninjas

Car: Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series

One day on IG saw the owner of this car posted a picture in his story and once I saw that I know I had to shoot it. This sportscar is really rare there were 350 built globally only 175 made it to the United States.

This beast has a Twin Turbo V12 under the hood of a sports car. This is the second feature for this owner. In 2019 I featured his old Ferrari’s FF that was matte black and a hint of gold.

I remember watching Top Gear some years ago. I remember watching Jeremy Clarkson presenting the CLK Black Series. He basically stated how insane of a car it was. If I’m not mistaken he said there was warning letter in the Mercedes-Benz CLK Black Series that stated to drive this car at your own risk. After that I was a fan of the extreme AMG's. Black Series cars are the most extreme cars Mercedes-Benz makes.

Stay tuned for the full feature.

Almost Stock

Owner: @jorge583

Car: Acura NSX

I’ve shot three 90's era Acura NSX's in 2020. Each of them have theme to their build. The NSX I’m currently writing about is a low key build. It looks almost stock except for a few things.

The first time I shot this NSX was at a Beast Coast Meet in 2019. I reached out to the owner to shoot it before the end of the season. He agreed and we scheduled a shoot in Boston at one of my most versatile locations. This is also one of the first shoots with my new camera. Stay tuned for the full gallery set coming in 2021.

Ultimate Sleeper

Owner: makisupaa (Instagram)

Car: Audi Allroad (Kind Of)

Audi is my favorite car company and the RS6 is my all time favorite car. So back in 2019 I started following John’s build of his Audi Allroad. When you see allroads they seem like low key daily drivers. If you have some creativity and some mods can make it look good. I remember in early 2020 I’d see updates to his build here and there. One IG story got my attention , I saw the engine was removed. Then I had a feeling some dope was about to happen. In the gallery feature I’ll go into the build in more detail.

I reached out to John for a photoshoot and he agreed. I’m always on the hunt for unique vehicles to shoot.

We met up in Boston at one of my most versatile locations. The shoot was dope. When the shoot ended and he pulled off the exhaust sound was insane. Stay tuned for the full gallery feature.

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