Car Of The Week October

Black & Blue

Owner: @papaporschesmurf (Instagram)

Car: Porsche Carrera

I remember two to three years ago was driving in Dedham heading to Boston. I saw this shop that had a few Ferrari's, Lamborghini, and a Porsche. By the way it was seven in the morning. I went to ask if I could take some shots of the cars. The guys in the shop we cool with it. I took some pictures of most of the cars in front. The blue Porsche caught my eye due to the colorway of blue on black.

Fast forward a few years and I reached out to Joe the owner of the Porsche. We set up a shoot at the Seaport. My cousin Sid came through and shot some video. The wrap is unique the way it is laid on car and the details are one of a kind. Full gallery set will drop soon.

Skybox Stance

Owner: @baggedTLs (Instagram)

Car: Acura TL Type S

I remember when Acura was really popular this is around the same time the Infiniti G35 sedan / coupe in Boston. The owner reached out for a shoot. I was glad to do it because I didn’t have any TL content.

The build is really clean. The internet is has peanut butter colored seats with some Supreme touches inside. The A pillars has some marvel heros on them. There are a lot of small touches. There maybe some more content coming soon.

Stay tuned for the gallery feature later on this year or early 2021.

Big Boy Truck

Owner: @janziani (Instagram)

Truck: Ford Raptor

Starting off October with bang! This is the second truck featured on this car o5f the week series. The first one was a Toyota Tundra. This one is a black, white and carbon fiber colorway. The build is on point. The owner took his time modifying this Raptor. He swapped out some of the black parts of the truck and replaced them with carbon fiber.

The Ford Raptor is one of the best looking trucks on the road today. According to reports the next generation Raptor will have a few versions a twin turbo eco-boost V6 and a supercharged V8. Back in 2006-2008 I had a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab. I always like shoot trucks it brings me back. Stay tuned for the gallery set dropping in 2021.