Car Of The Week September

Sunset Stance

Owner: @nolimit_jim

Car: Infiniti

I remember seeing Jim’s white Infiniti at a charity car meet 2-3 years ago. Back then his wheels were silver. I’d see his car again at Beast Coast meet in Boston the following summer. I like the build it’s white paint, custom colored wheels and a dope trunk set up.

I scheduled a shoot with Jim at one of my spots near Boston. I got some photos. The full gallery set will drop in a few months. If you want a sneek peek follow Jim’s Instagram.

This is the last car of the week for September. Stay tuned for October.

Nardo Grey Beast

Owner: @jandjarms (Instagram)

Car: Audi RS7

Old Car: BMW M6

Two or three years ago I attended a cars and coffee. I saw a dark red BMW M6 with gold wheels. I took a photo of it. I posted the photo maybe a year later. Fast forward a few years later I’m driving by a firearms shop in my neighborhood. In front of the store there is an Audi RS7 and it's Nardo grey! If you know me you know Audi is my favorite automotive brand.

I like the build, there are some hints of carbon fiber, silver HRE Wheels and Nardo grey paint work well together.

I reached out to the owner of the car and come to find out he’s owns the shop.

When you have a chance swing by the shop and check the inventory (unsolicited). If Any time I have a chance to shot one I’ll do. Stay tuned for the full gallery set.

Bruins Color Way

Owner: @cool_jmar

Car: Mercedes Benz E-Class

A few years ago. I was driving home from the gym in Boston. As I’m waiting for the light to change a saw a lowered Mercedes Benz E-Class sitting on some stealth vossen wheels. I had to get a shot, good thing I always have my camera with me. I took a couple shots and went about my business. I posted the photo to my Instagram to “Tag The Owner”. Come to find out this car was part of Import Evolution crew. I have featured a few of the team already this year.

Some time passed and I see that the Benz is bagged with new gold wheels. I reached to the owner to shoot. The shoot went well. The car is a one off, no one else has a build like that. This is only the second bagged Mercedes Benz feature on this website. Stay tuned for gallery feature coming soon.

Super Clean Beemer

Owner: @alexluu_

Car: BMW 335i

The first time I saw the Alex’s car was at a meet earlier this year. I’m a fan of understated builds. I took some photos of the car. If you want to see the other photos of Alex’s car check out the other posts below.


Good Weather Meet (Fitted Elite)

Stance Innovators Meet

I reached out to Alex to shoot and feature his car. We set up a date/location. The color of the wheels and paint work well together.

We spoke about how the 335i is a low key M3 with the right power modifications. Check out his build. Stay tuned for the full gallery drop later this year or early 2021.