Drift'n Z & R33 Sedan

Owner: @legenday_rb26

Crew: @slidahs 

Car: Nissan R33 Sedan

Photoshoot: 15

When you hear Nissan GTR you think of a coupe / sports cars. I’m huge believer in rare unique cars to shoot and this one fits that criteria. This R33 sedan was imported from Japan and is twenty six years old. It is right hand drive and has some carbon fiber on the interior of the car.

I featured one of Ryan’s (owner) cars on this website (Search Drift'n Z). The Nissan 370z is heavily modified for Formula D driving. This is a rare sight in the United States.

(Part 1)

Owner: @legenday_rb26

Crew: @slidahs 

Car: Nissan 370z (Heavly Modified) 

I don’t remember how long ago when I started to like drifting. It was probably watching Jeremey Clarkson (Top Gear) or Chris Harris on YouTube. I saw a drift car in a Massachusetts town a few years back. You don’t see them very often on the road. I was able to get in touch with the owner Ryan (@legenday_rb26 Instagram). Scheduling the photoshoot took some time, but it was worth it.  The build is clean and he has a full interior (rare for drift cars). The plans Ryan has for this car are going to be dope!

Ryan also bought another vehicle that is really unique. To see that you will have to stay tuned to this website.

The Build (Written by the owner Ryan)

As for mods power-wise, it’s stock with the exception of a Tomei titanium catback exhaust. 

I put my money into the suspension with Wisefab steering angle kit, isc suspension coilovers, and adjustable rear arms to zero out the toe for maximized tread wear while drifting. 

I am running a dual caliper setup for the ASD hydraulic handbrake with Akebono brakes. 

Other than that it’s just a Sparco Evo seat with Takata harness and Sparco steering wheel with NRG quick release. 

Oh and it’s a welded diff with SPL solid diff bushings

(Part 1)