Lowered BMW X5

2020 Shoot

Owner: @slammedx5


Photoshoot: 10

This is was a follow up shoot with Juan BMW X5. You see there have been some upgrades done from 2019. This was the first of two shoots. Stay tuned for the next set later in 2021.

First Gallery

Second Gallery


2019 Shoot

Owner: @slammedx5


I’m a fan of Juan’s build of the X5. The color of the paint and wheels play off other well. The color is kind of like a nardo grey but it color shifts in the light, if you look closely. The wheels are black Vossens. Black and grey are my favorite exterior colors for cars.

I saw his SUV on Instagram and I wanted to get a crack at shooting it. We scheduled a shoot but it the pictures came out okay. So we rescheduled another shoot on an early Sunday morning.

The shots came our much better. Check out the upgrade Juan did to his X5. Stay tuned for new photos.

Check out the gallery below.