Photographers, Cars & A Vlog

Owner: @fitted.rex

Car: Subaru WRX

As a photographer your reputation is worth more than bit coin/ gold. Rex is one of the many photographer from the Boston area. He has a dope Subaru WRX in green exterior with a red interior. His WRX stands out and is a unique build.

He’s juggling multiple platforms from social media, websites and YouTube. I attend and covered a few of the events / meets in 2019. Those will be coming will be posted to this website later this year. Check out my coverage on the website. Serach “Tuner Status" meet.

I came across his Tuner Status Instagram a few years ago. It features import, tuner and modified cars. I liked that I saw and followed the page. I ran into him last summer at a car meet and talked for a bit. He’s a real one. People now a days in this social media age can be one dimensional.

Spring 2020

Late Summer 2020

The second shoot took place in late summer 2020. It was a different shoot for me because Rex featured me on his YouTube series. What you’ll see in the video is a true representation of the behind the scenes. It was dope to collaborate.

When you have a check out the platforms. Check out the all platforms below.

Instagram: @tunerstatus, @fittedelite (There are links to the websites on Instagram)

YouTube: Fitted Elite