Photographic Stance

Owner: @wgordxn (Instagram)

Car: Acura TSX (Old Car)

Photoshoot: 1

This was the first shoot of 2020 and the first time I shot with my canon 16-35mm lens.

Will has been shooting cars for a while. His work is dope. He also has an Acura TSX that is bagged. He put some wheels on his car completing a low key clean build. He said there are some things to add but nothing really flashy.

I used to work with Will back in the day. A year or two ago I ran into him at some meets during car season. Definitely follow his build and photography. The photoshoot idea for his car was downtown architecture juxtapose with a JDM car.

This is now his old car and he upgraded. Check out his Instagram to see what his new car looks like.