Showroom Part 2 (Aston Martin DBX)

I heard in 2019 that Aston Martin was going to build an SUV. Fifteen years ago it would have been crazy to hear that. SUV's are the best selling segment of vehicles. I will show the stats and my thoughts about it.


Engine: 4.0L V8 (Twin Turbo)

Horsepower: 542

Base Price: $192,000.00

My Thoughts:

I was able to get to sit in the DBX at the New England Autoshow. There is more space inside than I thought. The fit and finish is on point. I didn't get to the drive it but I enjoyed it anyway. The DBX has a Mercedes-Benz engine remastered by Aston. I think it's a good first step for Aston Martin. I looking forward to the S variant (not confirmed).