Stage 1 & Stage 2

Owner: @RS.Kode

Car: Audi RS4

If you know me then you’ll know l’m a huge Audi guy. The Audi RS6 has been my favorite for many years. I saw @RS.Kodes car at carmeet in the summer of 2019.

The RS4 is hands down one of the best sedans. It's rare to have a V8 in a small sedan. The build is on point. The exhaust is the right tone, wheels, suspension, and it all comes together dope.

I scheduled a shoot with RS. That day I had two other shoot scheduled. I made it to the shoot and he had a photoshoot with his own clients. I literally shot his car in fifteen minutes. He even offered me one of his lenses to shoot with. That showed me what type of guy he is. This is the first time we met in person. I have a lot of respect for automotive photographers because we love cars and photography.

Kode upgraded some of his I mods to the RS4. Stay for the 2020 shoot later this year.

Stage 1

This shoot took place in April 2020. Can you tell what upgrades were done.

Stage 2