Summer Send Off

Owner: @mr_summer_sendoff (IG)

Event: @summer_sendoff (IG)

2020 has been a rough for everyone. All types of events have been cancelled due to Covid-19. This was a low key meet up with a few people and cars. Big shout out to Tony!

I'm hoping 2021 will be a better year for everyone and events.

Check out th gallery of the cars.

Vehicle Owners:

All can be found on Instagram.

@thats_her_MDXA(Acuracura MDX)

@blrcorolla82 (Toyota Corolla Wagon)

@baggedrc (Lexus RC)

@fitted.rex (Subaru WRX)

@torque (Ford Focus RS)

@pink_blr (BMW 3 Series)

@slammedX5 (BMW X5)

@617s550 (Ford Mustang)

@aeazy617 (Lexus)

(I don't have the other vehicle owners IG info.)