The Bred Truck

Photographer: Serge @redlinesproject Instagram /Twitter

Owner: @arhenny

Truck: 07 Toyota Tundra

The Build:

Wheels: Compression Forged 22x12

Tires: AMP 35x12.50x22

3 Inch lift

Bred Truck The reason I wanted to feature a pick-up truck, is back in 2006-2008 I had a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab. I’m a truck guy so I get why people buy them. The owner had an Infiniti G37 (modified) I used to see on Bluehill Ave in Boston. I saw via social media that he bought a truck. During the shoot, he explained how much he liked Toyota Tundra’s and the work he put into it. This Toyota pick is a family thing because his dad has a tundra as well.  Why did I title this post Bred truck? I’ve been into sneakers before the sneakerhead term was coined. The term “bred" is due to the black and red Colorway of Air Jordan’s mainly the 1's 11’s. There will be more features coming in April.