The Lexus GS-F King

Owner: @ibsavage_f (Instagram)

Car: Lexus GS-F

Growing up in Boston, I’d seen all kinds of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti Honda and Acura’s etc. The one car that I’d see people drive are the Lexus GS was a the peoples Lexus. The GS's would be modified wheels, lowered , bagged, etc.

The first time I saw this Lexus GS-F was at Eastside Motoring getting wheels fitted. The colors and the stance caught my eye. About a year later I was doing a photoshoot for it. This is one of the best Lexus builds in the Boston area.

2019 Shoot

2020 Photoshoot

Fast forward eleven months the owner and I scheduled a follow up shoot in Boston. This shoot had two locations one at the seaport and the other in the financial district. My cousin also came through for some video work. It was posted to his Instagram. Shooting this Lexus GS-F was pretty easy. Some cars are tougher than others to shoot. It’s always a good time at a photoshoot cracking jokes and taking photos. Stay tuned for 2021.